Noodelist är Timo Ketonens privata investering och den första i USA


I am thrilled and inspired by the growing success of Noodelist. They issued a press release today and are hosting a virtual noodle night with Michelin Star Chef Dolan. I for one will be joining the cooking event to support this female founded and operated company. Way to go Noodelist!



Press Release

Going Gaga Over Noodelist’s Tasty, Plant-Based Meal, Ready in Five Minutes


Palo Alto, California, February 2, 2021 – Taking the Bay Area by storm, female founded and operated Noodelist is fueling a grassroots craze for instant noodles which feed the soul. What makes these noodles so hot? Noodelist has successfully brought together tasty and healthy in a meal you can make in five minutes flat. Professionals, parents, and vegans everywhere are slurping and buying up these noodles like there’s no tomorrow.


Noodelist founder Thuong Tan says, “I wanted to share the taste of my mom’s noodle soups with friends, while doing so in a healthy and environmentally sustainable way – and that’s how Noodelist started. I’m an immigrant whose mom lives in Finland, also I’m admittedly lousy in the kitchen. So, I teamed up with talented Chefs and other food connoisseurs to turn my dream into a reality.”


Noodelist’s secrets include noodles made from Moroheiya, an Egyptian spinach, and vegan broths packed with nutrition without sacrificing flavor. Bold bites of lemongrass, shiitake and other good-for-your-heart ingredients make it possible to have less of the not so good stuff like sodium.


Consumers and chefs agree – Noodelist has hit the mark with instant noodle goodness. One only needs to look at the many comments on social media to see the happy reactions to Noodelist noodles. Consumer Tiffany H. posts, “Words really can’t explain how happy I am to have discovered Noodelist. The amount of instant noodles that I consume is probably way more than the average person should. However, you really can’t beat the convenience and time saved when you’re busy at work and just need something quick. But hey, now I can eat these guilt-free since they are air dried (not fried like your typical instant noodles) and packs a punch of protein into such a small amount of noodles.”


Award-winning Chef Petteri Luoto states “Many consumers think healthy food means a trade off with taste, and that’s simply not the case. We worked for over a year on perfecting the Noodelist recipes, looking for that delicious balance of textured noodles and bespoke, tasty broths to come together in a meal that is high in fiber, carotene, calcium, iron, vitamin B, C, and antioxidants.”


Noodelist has tapped into a growing trend to eat better in a world that consumes 100 billion meals of instant noodles annually. Need new ideas on how to mix up your ramen? No problem, Noodelist also hosts noodle nights with Chefs, so the layman can learn from the best. Check out the upcoming online event on Feb. 11 with Michelin Star Chef Matthew Dolan from the highly-rated Twenty Five Lusk restaurant in San Francisco. More info on the virtual cooking event can be found on


One can’t help but be inspired by a female immigrant who is bringing plant-based instant noodles to more American consumers, who are notoriously fraught with health challenges related to eating. The world needs more tasty comfort food that is also a comfort to our bodies and conscience. Way to go Noodelist!



About Noodelist

Noodelist provides delicious, guilt-free noodles that are 100% plant-based, with bespoke, tasty broths inspired by Chefs. Noodelist is female founded and operated, and committed to environmental sustainability.

Noodelist noodles are available for purchase online at Just add boiling water, wait five minutes, then enjoy a delicious meal. For more information, visit