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Aboa Advest is an investment company focusing on startups and other growth companies. We specialise in Business Model development and service concepts for startups. We also assist in finance through our know-how and networks. We are particularly interested in impact investing: Impact investing generates a beneficial social or environmental impact, as well as a financial return. (*)

We are active in early-stage startups and participate in seed rounds, where we can find a good match with our investment criteria. We are five shareholders at Aboa Advest: the younger partners bring their respective competencies and new perspectives to our team.



Our passion is to help startups grow profitably. We specialise in Business Model development and Go2Market strategy for startups. Our services include advisory work and coaching. We help our customers with Service Design together with our partners. Best Customer Experience requires true Customer Insight and co-design of the product with potential customers and users of the service. Marketing strategy includes content marketing i.e. story-telling, social media marketing and communications. Personal coaching helps our customers develop interpersonal communication skills and we also assist with media relations through our partners.

We’re fans of the Lean Startup method (build-measure-learn): “The Lean Startup method builds capital-efficient companies because it allows startups to recognize that it’s time to pivot sooner, creating less waste of time and money.” (The Lean Startup by Eric Ries, 2011).


Investment Criteria 

Our investments focus mainly on design and green tech, i.e. ecological products and services based on sustainable business. We have invested in a good number of Finnish startups matching the criteria of a social or environmental impact.

In any startup the core team is the most important asset. A good idea is a start, but its implementation and timing are crucial to success.

Our key investment criteria in a startup are:

  1. Team – a dedicated and multi-talented team is the key to success.
  2. Idea – the idea does not have to be unique, but it must be implemented better than the competition.
  3. Timing – are consumers ready to adopt the product and service.
  4. IPR – Intellectual Property Rights, a patented product.
  5. Scalable Business Model – a global market.
  6. Go2Market Strategy – is it feasible with the resources in hand. Sales & Marketing skills are of essence. A global network is a real asset in entering new markets.


(*) Source: Sitra, a fund operating directly under the Finnish Parliament, with focus on sustainable development.


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