Timo Ketonen and Anette Ståhl donate 200 000 euros to The Sea – marine and maritime research at Åbo Akademi University


Press release by Stiftelsen för Åbo Akademi in Finnish and Swedish (Åbo Akademi University Foundation)

We are grateful for all contributions to our fund, received in connection with the Archipelago Sea Concert we arranged on 5th November at Logomo Teatro.

Anette Ståhl and Timo Ketonen


The annual grants will be dedicated to the top research profile The Sea at Åbo Akademi University and more specifically to researchers and students in “Environmental and Marine Biology”.

The Sea is a Living Lab for marine and maritime research with a focus on coastal and marginal seas. It was launched in 2017 as one of Åbo Akademi University’s key research profiling areas, with the support of the Academy of Finland. We work in collaboration with the University of Turku under the joint thematic profiling area “Sea and Maritime Studies”.

Archipelago Sea Concert graphics by Tero Lumiainen, Nitro.

Archipelago Sea Concert showreel and vido by Stian Vesterinen.

Photo by Studio Koo.

Press release by Freja Harkke, Å Communications.