A´Pelago establishes a business accelerator which focuses on promoting business solutions beneficial for the archipelago sea regions


A’PELAGO PRESS RELEASE | For Immediate Release January 18, 2024

A’Pelago Experience Oy establishes A’Pelago Accelerator to support entrepreneurs, researchers, and start-ups which focus on sustainable innovations and solving maritime challenges of archipelago sea regions. The accelerator is primarily aimed at universities, communities and businesses with a connection to the Archipelago Sea, whether they are from archipelago municipalities, other parts of Finland or abroad.

The accelerator is launched on January 18, 2024 in collaboration with partners such as the City of Pargas, Åbo Akademi University, and LähiTapiola Etelärannikko. Accelerator partners at the launch include the municipality of Kemiönsaari, TOK, PBI Foundation, and Lukander Ruohola HTO.

The first program of the accelerator will include around ten companies. Throughout the accelerator program, 15 experienced business coaches will support selected early-stage companies in their growth. Additionally, A´Pelago Accelerator has partnered with the Finnish algae innovation company Origin by Ocean, serving as a mentor company to inspire science-based enterprises of the program. Workshops on topics such as productization, sustainable business models, branding, business law, and fundraising will be organized for the participants within the framework of the accelerator program.

“Patrik Anckar and Timo Ketonen, founders of A’Pelago, express their commitment to the vitality of the Archipelago Sea, emphasizing the importance of supporting innovative entrepreneurs in creating scalable businesses. They believe that in-depth expertise and science-based companies are crucial components of addressing the major challenges in the Baltic Sea region.”

The goal of A´Pelago Accelerator is to build an ecosystem of companies, technologies, and business models that promote sustainable entrepreneurship in archipelagic areas. A’Pelagos annual international maritime seminar A’Pelago Initiative brings together representatives of this ecosystem and decision-makers, researchers, business leaders, investors, and local entrepreneurs. The seminar aims to generate and promote new business initiatives related to the Archipelago Sea. In 2024, the A’Pelago Initiative will take place in Kasnäs on August 15–16.

Maria Leppäkari, Economic Development Manager of the City of Pargas, sees great potential in the Turku Archipelago, which A’Pelago Accelerator will strengthen:

“The City of Pargas cherishes the vitality of the archipelago. In our goals for 2024, we prioritize the development of business services in our city. It is in the interest of the entire region that entrepreneurs have access to flexible and efficient services tailored to the specific needs of the archipelago. We enter into the A’Pelago Accelerator collaboration with strong confidence. Our mission with A’Pelago is shared: to strengthen vitality and create added value in the archipelago. By working together, we are stronger.”

Mikael Lindfelt, Rector of Åbo Akademi, aims to create societal value based on the university’s research, education, and innovation activities:

“Our responsibility is to support society considering the needs of today and the future. The fact that this happens within the framework of the archipelago and maritime environment, in the heart of the world’s most beautiful archipelago, fits perfectly with Åbo Akademi, which is locally present in Turku, Ostrobothnia, and Åland.”

Background Information

Timo Ketonen is an experienced entrepreneur and venture capitalist with a passion for culture and archipelago life. He founded his family’s investment company, Aboa Advest, in 2015 and serves as the third-generation family entrepreneur and chairman of the board of TS-Yhtymä Oy. Ketonen resides in both Lillandet in Nauvo and Turku.

Patrik Anckar is a strategic advisor, brand expert, and serial entrepreneur. He also serves as a workplace professor at the Turku School of Economics. Anckar has roots on an island in Nauvo.

The A’Pelago team also includes Alina Sippolainen (sustainable business, program & marketing producer). A’Pelago Experience’s office is located in Airisto Marina, Pargas.

Application time for the A’Pelago Accelerator 1st Wave 2024 is extendedly open until 31.1. Read more.

Attachment: Image of A’Pelago founders Timo Ketonen and Patrik Anckar

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