A’Pelago launches its digital platform for coworking in the Finnish archipelago


Aboa Advest Oy is a shareholder in A’Pelago Experience Ab

PRESS RELEASE 30th January 2023

A’Pelago Experience launches its digital platform and concept for coworking, creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship in the Finnish archipelago today.

A new concept for creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship comes to life in the Finnish archipelago as operations for the company A’Pelago Experience kick off with the launch of the digital platform for coworking: this offers versatile opportunities to combine remote work with nature experiences in our unique archipelago. The initiators and entrepreneurs Patrik Anckar and Timo Ketonen are driven by the vision of a creative and viable archipelago that is maintained in a sustainable way.

A’Pelago Experience actively contributes to building a community among entrepreneurs and companies with a genuine interest in the archipelago. The digital platform initially includes 12 venues in the archipelago of Southwest Finland with different profiles, all of which can be found at www.apelago.fi. All locations offer digital nomads and companies a creative work environment for meetings, facilities for workshops and remote work.

This is done by booking coworking spaces where you can work and meet other entrepreneurs. What differentiates A’Pelago from international digital booking services is that we know our venues and their entrepreneurs well and can thus match the business customer’s needs with what is on offer. A’Pelago Experience is also active in coaching and consulting for companies and especially younger entrepreneurs.

The company’s goal is to build a network of companies, technologies and business models that contribute to entrepreneurship in the archipelago. Activities include an annual international business camp that brings together business leaders, digital nomads, researchers, investors, and other influencers as well as local entrepreneurs around vital questions of the future in the archipelago. The event goes by the name A’Pelago Initiative and takes place at Archipelago Centre Korpoström on 10-11th August. The program and our prominent speakers are all set and can be viewed on the website. The common denominator for our speakers and participants in the panel discussions is that everyone has an active interest in developing entrepreneurship and innovations related to the archipelago.

Maria Leppäkari
, Life Force Director for Pargas archipelago town sees the archipelago as full of opportunities:

“In its new strategy, the city of Pargas has committed to developing a viable archipelago and is therefore particularly happy about the A’Pelago initiative. The world is changing, so are the challenges facing how we think and work around issues of sustainability, participation and well-being. We are happy to support innovative and creative initiatives with an international touch, such as A’Pelago.”

Tanja Liljeqvist is the Hotel Manager at Kasnäs. She sees that the collaboration with A’Pelago Experience can contribute to extending the season for the entrepreneurs in the archipelago:

“We look forward to participating in the A’Pelago concept and see great opportunities in the collaboration with other actors in the archipelago. Through our diverse range of services and products and our unique location, we have a lot to offer A’Pelago’s users. The concept also supports our work with sustainable development, which is becoming an increasingly important part of our business.”

Anna Franzén is operations manager at the Åboland Archipelago Foundation. She sees A’Pelago Experience as being in line with the foundation’s work to raise awareness that the archipelago doesn’t stop just because summer ends.

“The Archipelago Center in Korpoström is a lively venue for meetings and a workplace all- year-round and is therefore perfect for A’Pelago. As the main owner, the Archipelago Foundation is just one of many organizations that operate in the building, and the community already contains an inspiring mix of archipelago residents who work with development issues, are researchers, project workers, archipelago park rangers, artists or something else. We look forward to new meetings that broaden everyone’s horizons.”


About the entpreneurs:

Timo Ketonen is an experienced entrepreneur and investor who is passionate about culture and life in the archipelago. He established his investment company Aboa Advest in 2015 and is a third-generation family entrepreneur. Ketonen is a permanent resident of Lillandet in the archipelago.

Patrik Anckar is a serial entrepreneur, brand expert and strategic advisor who has mainly worked on a global basis. His roots are on an islet in Nagu where he has his virtual office during the summer.

A’Pelago’s team also includes Albin Järvinen (sales and customer service), Alina Sippolainen (marketing and sustainability) and Andreas Anckar (web development). A’Pelago Experience Ab’s office is at Airisto Marina in Pargas.


Timo Ketonen, Partner and co-founder
Mobile +358 40 083 1205

Patrik Anckar, Partner and co-founder
Mobile +358 50 408 7730