Hybrid work culture enablers A’Pelago Experience and Spacent signed a cooperation agreement


A’Pelago Experience press release. Aboa Advest is a Founding Partner in A’Pelago.


A’Pelago Experience active in the Archipelago Sea region, and Spacent, based in Helsinki, are accelerating the remote work revolution with a new partnership. As a result of the cooperation, the remote work spaces marketed by A’Pelago Experience in the Archipelago Sea region and Åland Islands can now be booked on Spacent’s coworking platform and mobile application. The partnership supports the transition of companies to hybrid work and the preconditions of archipelago companies for year-round operation.

A’Pelago Experience’s journey to promote the hybrid work culture and vitality of the archipelago continues. The partnership starting in June brings together two platform economy companies that promote a new work culture. Spacent is known as the leading booking platform for hybrid workspaces in the Nordic countries. A’Pelago Experience, on the other hand, brings the remote work destinations located in Finland’s unique archipelago accessible all year round. The goal of both companies is the efficient use of facilities and the well-being of people.

“With Spacent, we are pioneers in renewing the work culture: Competent people move to companies where they can better combine professional ambition with their own lifestyle. Leading teams and companies now and in the future requires empathy and trust,” says Timo Ketonen, Partner of A’Pelago Experience and co-founder of the company.

“The cooperation supports A’Pelago Experience’s mission, i.e. the goal of enabling year-round remote working in the archipelago, which encourages local entrepreneurs to invest in year-round service. Going to remote work in the Finnish archipelago is above all a question of the attitude of the company management. The change in work culture gained momentum from the pandemic and this megatrend is still accelerating”, Timo Ketonen evaluates.

“Spacent’s customers are pioneers in hybrid work practices and I am very excited that we can offer our customers something unique with A’Pelago. We are rapidly expanding our customer base in Europe, and I believe that the Archipelago Sea region will be an international hit for remote work,” says Spacent’s CEO Eetu Ristaniemi.

Seen from these points of view, companies do not enter into cooperation just for the sake of expanding the selection of coworking spaces. With each other’s support, the companies can support the future of work, which is undergoing a cultural upheaval, more strongly in the future. People, the vitality of the Archipelago Sea regions and local entrepreneurs benefit from the change.

A’Pelago Experience

  • Founded in June 2022, A’Pelago Experience offers coworking spaces and sustainable living in the Archipelago Sea Region. The company also arranges tailored events in cooperation with its local partners in the Finnish archipelago.
  • At the moment there are 14 coworking venues on A’Pelago’s platform, all located in the Archipelago Sea region and Åland Islands. • The main event his year is the A’Pelago Initiative Business Camp taking place on 10- 11th August at Archipelago Centre Korpoström.
  • Co-founders & owners of the company are Timo Ketonen and Patrik Anckar. The A’Pelago team is formed by 5 people with different career backgrounds.

For more info please contact:

Timo Ketonen, co-founder, A’Pelago Experience Ab

+358 40 083 1205, timo@apelago.fi

Patrik Anckar, co-founder, A’Pelago Experience Ab

+358 50 408 7730, patrik@apelago.fi

Eetu Ristaniemi, CEO, co-founder, Spacent Oy

+358 40 773 9083, eetu.ristaniemi@spacent.com