Aboa Advest The Shift Business Festival tapahtumassa 29-30.8.


The SHIFT Business Festivaliin on tulossa ennätysmäärä kävijöitä ensi viikon torstaina ja perjantaina: paikkakin on mahtava eli Ruissalon telakka. Jenny ja Ville edustavat tapahtumassa Aboa Advestin partnereita; Timo on mukana Investor Pit paneelissa torstaina 29.8. klo 19.

Torstaina isännöimme myös pyöreän pöydän keskustelun englanniksi: On Thursday 29th August at 5 pm we are organising the roundtable for Nordic collaboration in Tech industries, initiated by Markus Blomquist and Anna-Karin Tötterman, the co-founders of Nordic Enterprise Network. Timo will be moderating the roundtable discussion with exciting participants from different fields of business and with different perspectives on collaboration:

• Piia Maaranen, CEO, Avanto Ventures (collaboration between startups and big companies)
• Johan Slotte, Deputy CEO, Teleste (Smart, Safe and Smooth cities in Finland and internationally)
• Mika Paananen, Chief Customer Officer, Veritas Pension Insurance Company (collaboration for wellbeing at work)
• Mikael Lönnroth, Founding Partner, Saari Parners (digital business models for SME’s)
• Pekka Siivonen-Uotila, Partner, Nordic FoodTech VC (the need for new food and FoodTech)
• Toni Perämäki, COO, Valohai (ai infrastructure and collaboration in Tech industries in an international perspective)
• Timo Ketonen, Entpreneur and angel investor as moderator (entrepreneurship and impact investing in startups and growth companies)

Welcome to join us at The Shift