Aboa Advest at The Shift Business Festival 29-30th August


The SHIFT Business Festival is attracting a record number of participants this year. The venue for SHIFT 2019 is the Ruissalo Shipyard in the picturesque archipelago of Turku, Finland.  Jenny and Ville are representing Aboa Advest at the event with Timo, who will be a member of the Investor Pit panel on Thursday 29th August at 7 pm.

On Thursday 29th August at 5 pm we are organising the roundtable for Nordic collaboration in Tech industries, initiated by Markus Blomquist and Anna-Karin Tötterman, the co-founders of Nordic Enterprise Network. Timo will be moderating the roundtable discussion with exciting participants from different fields of business and with different perspectives on collaboration:

• Piia Maaranen, CEO, Avanto Ventures (collaboration between startups and big companies)
• Johan Slotte, Deputy CEO, Teleste (Smart, Safe and Smooth cities in Finland and internationally)
• Mika Paananen, Chief Customer Officer, Veritas Pension Insurance Company (collaboration for wellbeing at work)
• Mikael Lönnroth, Founding Partner, Saari Parners (digital business models for SME’s)
• Pekka Siivonen-Uotila, Partner, Nordic FoodTech VC (the need for new food and FoodTech)
• Toni Perämäki, COO, Valohai (ai infrastructure and collaboration in Tech industries in an international perspective)
• Timo Ketonen, Entpreneur and angel investor as moderator (entrepreneurship and impact investing in startups and growth companies)

Welcome to join us at The Shift