Catarina Ketonen



I’m currently working in architecture at Lundén Architecture Company. I graduated as a Bachelor of architecture from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Denmark and got my Masters Degree at Aalto University. During my studies I have especially been interested in architecture and its social impact, environmental health and sustainability.

Having lived several years abroad in Great Britain, Argentina and Denmark, I enjoy working in both international and multidisciplinary environments where there are a lot of different perspectives and solutions discussed. My main work experience consists of working at the digital marketing agency Nitro Group, the startup Plantui and at the architecture office Harris&Kjisik.

In my spare time I enjoy practicing dancing and yoga.

Mikael Ketonen

Partner, Chairman of the Board

Tel: +358 50 3031498

I have completed by Bachelor’s degree at Hanken School of Economics in Helsinki majoring in finance. In the spring 2019 I was an exchange student in Hong Kong, and since August 2019 a Finance Intern at Nike European headquarters in Hilversum in the Netherlands. Now I’m continuing my studies at Amsterdam University mastering in Digital Business.

I have a passion for entrepreneurship, investing, sports and marketing in particular. I was previously a member of the partners’ team at Hanken Entrepreneurship Society. Our main goal at Hanken ES is to create an opportunity for young entrepreneurs to get inspired and develop an exciting business idea. Our events give young business students the chance to team-up with other students who, e.g. might have the technological skills required but lack the marketing skills or vice versa.

In my spare time I like to exercise, especially playing football and other team sports. I also enjoy traveling, listening to music and watching movies.

Timo Ketonen

CEO & Founder

Tel: +358 400 831 205

I am an entrepreneur and angel investor with a broad work experience in finance, media, marketing and service design. I founded Aboa Advest in January, 2015. My responsibilities also include Board memberships in several companies and foundations.

I am passionate about helping startups grow profitably. The key to success in growth companies is core team building; business idea development to great products and services; finding the right business model; the best customer experience and Go2Market strategy. My services within Aboa Advest include advisory work and personal coaching, as well as growth financing together with our network of partners.

I have graduated with M.Sc. in Economics and Business Administration from the School of Business and Economics at Åbo Akademi University in 1988, majoring in International Marketing and Accounting. I’m also a PhD student at Åbo Akademi aiming at further studies in entrepreneurship. I’m especially interested in the interaction between founders, board members and investors; and how to build beneficial networks in a startup.

I enjoy Asian food and cooking with fresh herbs. I’m a sailor since my early years and an outdoor person at heart. I enjoy life in the archipelago in SW Finland with my family and friends. I’m also a music lover and a sports fan. I’m always curious about culture, languages and travel. The most amazing travel experiences have included Iguazu Falls in the borderland of Argentina and Brazil, trekking in the fells of Lofoten (Norway) and the arctic sailing adventure in Svalbard (80N). I also like to feel the pulse of big cities like London, where I lived in 1990-1993.