OneMind Dogs announces crowdfunding round with Invesdor

We are happy to announce we’re in this round as an investor and new OneMind Dogs owners.


Exciting news – the OneMind Dogs page on Invesdor went live today and the company is officially kicking off their funding round.

Ever since OneMind Dogs started it’s company in 2012, their mission has been to give a better life for dogs by helping people understand the dog’s point of view. This spring, they are bringing the unique OneMind Dogs training method to even more dogs around the world by introducing a new, online puppy training program available on all major smart devices.

OneMind Dogs wants to expand its ownership base with new experts, community members and, most of all, people who believe in the OneMind Dogs mission of better life for dogs.

This investment round will help them bring the product to the market quicker and make high-quality puppy training available for all new puppy owners.

The market momentum for a high-quality online dog training service is now. The total number of dogs continues to grow, and so does the overall spending on dogs. More and more people are treating their dogs like children, fur babies. At the same time, dog-related behavioral problems, like dog attacks, are widely acknowledged. All this creates a huge demand for easy, accessible, fun and effective online dog training.

OneMind Dogs’ solution is meeting this demand. OneMind Dogs has the right experience, tools, network, and platform to take ownership of this category and offer high-quality puppy training to the wide mainstream consumer audience.

We have already made an investment in OneMind Dogs and I would love it if you decided to join us on this journey. I invite you to take a look at their pitch on Invesdor and join their Facebook group for potential investors.

For more information please contact:
Noora Keskievari
Co-Founder & CEO, OneMind Dogs // Phone: +358 40 5116 555 (FIN)