Vino Nostrum – the finest artisan wines delivered to your doorstep


Vino Nostrum will become the world’s leading marketplace for artisan wines. We focus on providing premium quality wines for demanding consumers and professional buyers. We feature only wines that represent the best of their terroir. You can trust that, when buying wine from Vino Nostrum, we are informative and educational; we make it easy to buy; and you buy only the highest quality.

Our mission is to build a wine portfolio made up of a selection of wines from producers who have not given up on their dreams and have followed their convictions, however difficult it is to produce wines that express the true quality of the terroir. Every year is different, and so will each vintage of the wine we select be different each year. The producers that we work with take no shortcuts by adding chemicals that will round the taste. These are all very brave and skilled people who believe in natural wine making and trust that nature, together with their knowledge and skilled hands, will guide them to the best results.

Our selection is not based on wine guides or points given by other people. Our selection is based on knowledge: knowledge of the origins and everything that is behind the wine. We visit each and every winery. We visit the vineyards, we see the vines, we dirty our boots walking in the vineyards and feel the soil, we visit the cellars, we taste the wines with the producers, not only the bottled ones but also the new vintages directly from the barrels. We build a bond with the producers and we admire their passion for wine making and they respect how we present and sell only the finest artisan wines online.

With our recent seed round investment we are establishing a solid presence in selected EU markets. We will launch a localised site in the local language for Germany, Italy and Sweden. We will look for new growth opportunities outside EU and invest in developing our operations towards professional wine buyers. We will also be adding French and German artisan wineries to our selection to serve our customers needs. Check out our wineries and register on our Vino Nostrum eCommerce site.


Timo Ketonen is a part of our Advisory Board and will help us with our strategy and Go2Market plans. Timo’s experience in growing startup business with lean methods will be crucial for us and we are very much looking forward to working together, says Vino Nostrum’s CEO & co-founder Thomas Pahlberg.