See and be seen – with Diamond Lux Lights


Diamond Lux Lights (DLL) are made to increase any vessels overall safety and comfort on board and at sea. To achieve this we have combined unique Nordic design with solar power and LED technology. Diamond Lux Lights are wireless, durable and stylish, making it safer to move on board. They will enhance the silhouette and overall visibility of your yacht or motorboat when anchored or moored by illuminating it in the dark.

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Install them and forget them

Diamond Lux Lights are quick and simple to install by your self. No need to drill holes onto your craft as the lights are designed to fit easily on standard 25 mm railings of any new or old vessel. As they are solar powered, no wires or electrician are required. Due to the rugged build and automatic dusk/dawn switch the lights are practically operation and maintenance free. Diamond Lux LED Lights will illuminate your deck throughout the night without straining your main batteries. All DLL models have two independent and identical solar powered light sources provide 360 degrees of illumination using six LEDs. They will increase overall visibility and safety on deck as well as create an attractive and visible silhouette while at sea or moored. They can also be used while navigating at night.

Diamond Lux Lights at sea

How many do you need?

Ideally you should have at least one light or a pair at the point of boarding (bow or stern depending how you are berthed) and a second pair (starboard/port) at the furthest point of access (bow or stern). Then install DLL`s on the remaining deck area in between as required and desired to increase overall visibility and to provide safer movement on deck. Typically users have installed between 4 – 8 pairs of DLL´s for example on a 30-foot vessel.

Diamond Lux Lights DLL

“ I have often stumbled on deck, even passed by my boat in the marina in the dark. Headlamps, torches and hurricane lamps with messy oil are familiar problems. I decided that there must be a better and easier way to increase visibility and have safer lighting on deck. Deck lights should be easy to install, wireless, rugged and also unobtrusive. Diamond Lux Lights were born out of these requirements. Moving safely on the deck is an absolute requirement for an enjoyable boat trip.”  Tapani Hänninen, Captain

Aboa Advest has been a sparring partner for Diamond Lux Lights in developing the Business Plan for the startup.

For more information of the product please contact: Tapani Hänninen, Diamond Lux Lights