Haikara: One Watch – Many Faces


Här följer en presentation av vår senaste placering, den 10:e i ett uppstartsföretag och den första i Aboa Advest Oy:s regi. Abo Advest har agerat som rådgivare och introducerat diskussioner med övriga ‘angel investors.’ Presentationen är på engelska.

Haikara Corp Oy is a Finland based company engaged in the development, manufacturing and distribution of touch screen operated ”Digital Lifestyle” watches at affordable prices. Our watches are inspired by the upper echelons of the watch world, but at very accessible retail price points ranging between €299 – €499, thus to better serve differences in consumer needs, desires and abilities to pay.

The product offering targets to reach out to fashion & style focused young men and women that desire a new way of self expression as their personality statement, and who understands the value of enhancing their everyday life.

We do NOT position ourselves as a smartwatch, and we do thereof NOT strive to compete with the big international smartwatch players such as Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Moto360 and LG.


Instead of offering a large number of “measure this – analyze that” that are typical attributes for smartwatches, we focus on the essentials and key factors that sincerely trigger peoples interest, namely:

1. Aesthetic design
Designed by world famous designer Mr. Harri Koskinen www.harrikoskinen.com

2. Ease of use
Intuitive user interface & great user experience; forget complexity, enjoy simplicity and ease of use; focus on life with less distraction.

3. Easy change of watch faces
Different colors, shapes and forms – all in gorgeous digital format.

4. New form of self expression
Change watch faces to match your clothing or simply your mood of the day.

5. Long battery life
Target upto 5 – 7 days.

6. Affordable price
€299 – €499.

On top of developing, manufacturing and selling Digital Lifestyle watches under its own trademark ”Haikara” the company envisions, through utilization of vast in-house competencies, large portfolio of strategic partners, and vast network of connections, to also offer large international Fashion Houses, with a one-stop-shop for OEM/white labelled “Digital Lifestyle” watches. MoU´s has already been signed with a number of Finnish and Swedish Fashion Houses. In addition, a license agreement with Moomin Characters regarding utilization of 1-2 Moomin figurines as watch faces has been signed.

The core Differentiators and Unique Selling Points are as follows:

  • Slim & sleek design (target 9 – 9,5 mm)
  • Extended battery life (up to 5 – 7 days)
  • Feel of craftsmanship (from father-to-son)
  • Focus on Form, Fashion & Functionality
  • Formulates a new ”digital lifestyle” category
  • Customization (self expression/personality statement)
  • Less features (focus on essentials & ease of use)
  • Enhanced UX vs. existing smartwatch solutions
  • Unique & value-add features enhancing “everyday life”
  • Recognition through sincere ethical approach (charity)

The intention is to establish a strong market presence in the United States, Central-Europe, Scandinavia, Russia, Middle-East and selected countries in Asia Pacific, and to make Haikara the number one selling ”digital lifestyle” watch brand in the selected focus markets.


För mer information vänligen kontakta:

Marcus Mangs
CEO & President

Haikara Corp Oy
Maakirjantie 12 B
02250 Espoo
Tel: +358 40 351 7903
Skype: mmangs
Email: marcus.mangs@haikara.co
Website: www.haikara.co